Friday, 9 September 2011

Chemical N Me^^

King-To Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (京都念慈菴川贝枇杷膏)

The image of pei pa koa:
 Yes, this is the chemical or medicine that i would like to talk about in this post~ I m glad that i am gifted a healthy body that have strong immune system (i seldom get serious sickness throughout the years)...this enable me to keep as far away as i could from the pills and tablets (i m phobic to swallow those solid, although i m studying pharmacy~ =X ) Most of the time i will go for chinese medicine which is mostly in powder form to be dissolved in the water to 'drink' instead of 'swallow'.  This is why pei pa koa steps in and stick to my life (it is delicious!!)....

Pei pa koa is my all time favourite when i just started to feel the warning signals from my body about the cold and cough attack (sore throat, sneezing, cough and nasal congestion) and very glad that everytime it will successfully soothe my condition in a matter of 1-2 days. It is a traditional chinese medicine formulated by a doctor called Doctor Ip in Qing dynasty upon the request of a filiail son Yeung Kan to treat his mother's persistent cough. This is where the name of the product came: King-to (京都 which means Beijing), Nin Jiom (念慈, which means memory to mother), Pei Pa Koa (枇杷膏, which means loquat syrup). The logo also came from this story - The filial piety trade mark    
The logo: 

This product is effective in clearing the phlegm, relieving cough and sore throat. Besides that, it also nourishes the lungs, relieves asthma, cools the body and improves skin complexion. You can take it when you are having irritataed throat (itchy) and when you are loosing your voice (after opening concert in k-box =p) as well as to alleviate thirst. Lets take a glance at the ingrediants in this superb product:


Most of the ingredients are extracted from the root, leaves, flowers and fruits. It is natural remedy!


The main active ingrediant is Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae (川贝母).  It is used in traditional chinese cough remedies. It can suppress cough. It is usually combined with loquat extract, in this case the Folium Eriobotryae (枇杷叶).


This loquat leave extract ( Folium Eriobotryae (枇杷叶)) has soothing effect on the throat and can relieve cough as well. In addition, it acts as a demulcent and expectorant that can help in eliminating the phlegm and sputum, and at the same time soothing the digestive and respiratory system. However, large amount of it will cause mild but significant sedation.


Adenophora root or ginseng(南沙参) content improves blood circulation and 'bu qi' which can strengthen our respiratory and cardiovascular system.


Poria (茯苓) is a medicinal mushroom that induces diuresis and eliminats dampness and thus clearing the phlegm. Hence, it is useful in cough due to phlegm retention ( phlegm is due to water retention in the body).


Pomelo peel (化橘红) is mostly for fragrance and flavouring purposes.


 Platycodon / chinese bellflower root (桔梗)  acts as an anti-inflammatory in the treatment of cough and cold, especially useful for sore throat.


 Pinelia tuber (法半夏)  is a herb that is proven to be effective in eliminating dampness phlegm.

                                                        Schisandra chinensis 2.jpg

Schisandra chinensis (五味子) astringe lungs 'qi' and nourishes the lungs, while at the same time alleviate thirst.


Trichosanthes seeds (瓜蒌子) can soothe cough.


 Tussilogo Farfara (款冬花) is a cough suppresant and it can treat asthma as well.


Polygara root (远志) functions as an expectorant that helps to remove phlegm.


Bitter apricot kernel (苦杏仁) is included to regenerate body fluids, detoxify and quench thirst.


 Fresh ginger (生姜)  is traditionally used to treat common cold.


Licorice root (甘草) moistens lungs and stops cough. It also clears heat and toxin from the body.

Apart from these herbs, menthol in a syrup, peppermint and honey base make this medicine especially tasty and yummy!

This product is available in the market in the packege of 75ml, 150ml and 300ml.
This medicine is to be taken one tablespoonful (15ml) three times a day for adult, by sipping it slowly (to allow the medicine to stay and act locally at the throat). For children, the doses will be:
> aged 7-12 : 10ml 3 times a day
> aged 3-6 : 5ml 3 times a day

Everyone concerns about the safety and possible side effects of the medicines they take. Pei pa koa as a chinese herbal cough medicine is far safer than cough medicine containing drugs like codeine, pseudoephedrine, or virtually any pharmaceutical, and they are far more effective as well. False rumors, ignorant press, and pharmaceutical industry publicity has made some people nervous about the purity and safety of Chinese herbal medicine. The most important thing is to follow the direction of use!

The only thing one should take care of is the allergy to any of the herbs used. So, please be sure about this before you start taking this product. In addition, since it is in honey base, diabetics should avoid taking pei pa koa for their cough and cold. Last but not least, infant below 1 year old also cannot consume this product (and others with honey base) due to the risk of developing infant botulism.

Ehmm this is the chemical that i love the most when my immune system is low...taking medicine is never so enjoying except pei pa koa~ Thankz Nin Jiom company! Thankz Pei Pa Koa! ^.^v


  1. LOLLLL. I was keep smiling on this post .
    Nice la , u made me feel so stress la now.
    u so fast accomplish the assignment d.

    Nice ! The way u blog is great .
    Maybe you should blog more about ur life too? :P

  2. hilary~~ohh tq tq^^ m so proud to be able to make u keep on smiling~ haha! dun stress!!i stil hv 1 to go lo...haiz...for u blog is not a prob d but for me its like an alien =p so i hv to do faster~emmm..mayb wil learn frm u on hw to blog in the future ^^ thz for ur comment lo <3

  3. is that pei pa koa can make ppl more pretty n skinny?
    i ask this because i think i saw this from Advertisement before...

  4. this blog is good, intresting...
    i like it...

  5. weelwng... yes! well all the herbs inside are mainly can clear phlegm, treat cough and cold and reduce body heat..but to keep in mind that they stil hv other functions...for ur question, it may make peopla pretty and loss fat due to the large amount of honey in the syrup. Honey is an antioxidant. Thus it can get rid of the free radicals in the body n aids in slowering the aging process and maintaning good skin texture. Besides that, the antioxidant plus with the antibacterial properties of honey improves digestive system and allow you to stay healthy by acting as cleansing tonic (you will definitely looked pretty when ur body is in the pink of health and free from those rubbish!)
    Do u know that good sleep can help faster weight loss? yes, honey can promote good sleep and have been used for century for this purpose. Thus honey can make u skinny~ Besides honey, the ginseng in the formula can make one look prettier by improve the blood circulation (n u wont look like dead body without blood colour, especially for those fair ppl :) ) And the licorice and apricot also contribute to detoxification of the body, thus getting rid of the toxic and rubbish thing from the body, making one beautiful! In addition to honey, the poria can make sm1 skinnier (especially those who look fat due to water retention) by inducing diuresis to remove the water. So, maybe u wish to have a bottle of pei pa koa in ur room now? =p

  6. tq angie for spending time here!!! :D

  7. hey ~~ when i am replying u , i was 'sucking' the pei pa kao candy ( or lozenges ) !! it is really effective ~ remember i was kept coughing like an old lady in the class and after i took the candy, it relieved the itchiness of my throat >.< yeah !! love pei pa kao !!

  8. hahaha charlyn!! another pei pa koa lover <3 <3<3
    ya its effctv cz all of the herbs aim to treat cough n cold and sore throat~ n v hv little to wori for the side effect cz these r all natural remedies~~

  9. ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak!!!its my favourite wen i'm having cough!!i love the taste...yummy...hahah...nice blog yek jia...:)

  10. wow!! so many ingredients in a herbal medicine but it stil taste good..not like our tabs or syrup..eventhough not much ingredient,it taste bad at times.. n yeah yek jia,u mentioned dat honey can cause loss of weight..wont we get diabetes due to honey cause its sweet rite?

  11. Very good post yek jia! I never know Pei Pa Koa got so many ingredients that helps relieve cough! I get to know more now.. =)

  12. tq ganga n galai! ya! it juz taste good!! i love it!

  13. ya so nanthini, try dis nex time even u r in the pink of heatlh as this can also be taken daily as directed~ unfortunately, it shldnt be given to diabetic pt~

  14. Nice post and it is one of my favorite too!